Where to go in Samara? To cat cafe "ChuKOTka"!
What to see in Samara? Cats!
Samara is the cat capital of Russia. Wherever you go, you will meet a cat. And in "Chukotka" you will meet more 40 cats in one place by the address Molodogvardeyskaya street, 66 (entrance through the arch)

What is a cat cafe?

“Chukotka” Cat Cafe is a unique project and a home for many adoptable cats.
All cats are socialized and healthy. There are over 40 cats walking about the cat house, ready to purr and play with the visitors.

Things to do at the cat cafe

There is an abundance of entertainment aside from the cats in our cat cafe - 8-bit video games, wi-fi, self-service area with tea/coffee and a variety of sweets. We also have a children’s section with fun activities for kids of all ages.
You can take any cat you like “to go” so their sweet face and cheerful purrs keep you happy at home.

Where do the cats come from?

“Chukotka” Cat Cafe evolved from the cat department of “Nadezhda” animal shelter.
First, the cats are quarantined at the shelter where they receive all necessary veterinary care, after which they arrive at the cafe. The shelter is located in the basement of the same building where the cat cafe is and is also open for visitors.
Our cats get here for different reasons. Volunteers and shelter employees often pick them up on the street and it’s not always clear how they got there in the first place - they could have been dumped, lost or born there. Sometimes owners bring their cats to us, as they can no longer care for them due to new family member’s allergies, fights with other family pets, death of the original owner and other reasons. Some cats come to us from animal control or veterinary clinics where healthy cats are sometimes brought in for euthanasia or sick ones are dumped.
All our cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated against viral infections and rabies, dewormed, deflead, and healthy. Cats are transferred to the cafe only after all necessary veterinary procedures have been completed.
Since opening it’s doors, the cat cafe has found new loving homes to over 150 cats!

How to find us

The cat cafe is located only a couple of minutes away from the fan zone in the pedestrian part of the city and will gladly accept all visitors!
Address: Samara, Molodogvardeyskaya street, 66 (entrance through the arch)



  First hour Second hour Third hour Stop-cheque
Weekdays 200 100 50 350
Week-ends, holidays 300 200 100 500

Visiting rules for cat cafe “ChuКОТka”

1. Please, take off your shoes and outerwear. You also should put on slippers or shoe covers;
2. Wash your hands with an antiseptic product before you meet the cats;
3. If you are allergic to cats, you'd better refuse to visit the cat café;
4. Do not leave personal belongings unattended.
5. Bring animals to the cat café;
6. Drink alcoholic beverages, smoke or use profanity – we have very intelligent cats.
7. Kids under 7 years old are not allowed to visit the cat café without accompanying adults;
8. Kids aged 7 to 14 years old are allowed to visit the cat cafe without accompanying adults but previously adults should fill out an application form;
9. Don't leave your kids unattended during playing with cats and while they take part in master classes. If you are going to visit the cat café with toddlers, you should hold them in your arms.
10. During playing with cats always remember that they are animals with their own desires and needs. If you came to the cat café with kids, show them on your own example how to communicate with cats properly. Any animal (even if it's fluffy and kind) has claws and teeth that it can use to protect itself.
11. Be careful when you're touching cats. Try to move calmly without sudden movements;
12. If you see a cat wearing red collar – don't touch it;
13. Don't scare cats with loud sounds and screams, don't throw cats on the floor;
14. Don’t touch their eyes and ears, don’t pull the cats’ tails;
15. Don’t feed up cats with products that you brought to the cat café. If you want to make a gift for cats, you should consult with administrator in advance. They can recommend you what gifts would be better for cats and would not harm their health.

In case of non-compliance with the rules you have to leave the cat café immediately. Afterwards administrator will have a right not to allow you to the cat café “Chukotka”.